Sibert Lab Past and Present

I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible students during my time as a PhD student and Postdoctoral Fellow. They have gone on to do incredible things in a wide range of fields, and I’m honored to have played a part in their journeys. I have listed them here in alphabetical order, split by institution.

Harvard (Sibert Lab) Mentees (2017-2020)

Raashid (Ash) Chowdhury
(Future) Medical Student
Ella Frigyik, Harvard Undergraduate
Jenn Greiner, Harvard Undergraduate
Jacob Licht, Harvard Undergraduate
Monica Marion
Currently PhD Student at University of Indiana Complex Networks and Systems Program
Leah Rubin, College of the Atlantic Undergraduate

Greta Wong
Laboratory Assistant, Harvard
Architecture Design

Matthew Moody, Harvard EPS undergraduate student

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Norris Lab) Mentees (2011-2016)

Raquel Bryant
Currently PhD Candidate, UMass Amherst
(also find her on Twitter @foramsraqu)
MS Student at Boston College
Michelle Zill
Currently PhD Candidate at UC Riverside
Lana Graves (MS, now working in Environmental Consulting)
Betty Foreman
Teng Gao
Tiffani Horiguchi
Matthew Howard
Monika Krach
Christopher Ladwig
Jacques Lyakov, (currently SIO PhD student)
Kimberly McComas
Matthias Scheer
Eric Schwab

Lab Affiliations:

Hull Lab, Yale University (2019-present)
Knoll Lab, Harvard University (2016-2020)
Lauder Lab, Harvard University (2016-2020)
Norris Lab, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (2009-2016)
Shank Lab, Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution (Summer 2010)

Former Sibert Group Student? Please feel free to contact me with updates to your pictures/websites/positions!