Beyond the Lab

4_trapeze_china_actIn my “spare” time, I am a professional circus coach and performer, specializing in aerial arts – anything that involves my feet being off the ground. I currently coach and train with Esh Circus Arts and Gravity Alternative Movement, in the Boston Area. I have taught and performed with Aerial Revolution (San Diego, CA) and Aircraft Aerial Arts (Somerville, MA), and I ran the silks program at UC San Diego Recreation in San Diego. I have also coached for Tito Gaona’s Flying Fantasy Circus summer camps in the Boston area. In addition to staying active and healthy, my participation in circus arts has greatly improved my skills as a teacher and researcher. Plus, it is just great fun. You can find some older performance videos on youtube. For more general science and circus fun, follow me on Instagram at @UpsidedownElizabeth.

IMG_0348This image was shot while doing field work at Gubbio, Italy. The famous K/Pg Boundary is the dark crevice in the rock where thousands of geological tourists have come to scrape some of the famous Iridium Anomaly away. Right hand – dinosaurs, left hand – no dinosaurs!