Beyond the Lab

4_trapeze_china_actIn my “spare” time, I am a professional circus coach and performer, specializing in aerials – anything that involves my feet being off the ground. In San Diego, I taught and performed with Aerial Revolution and ran the silks program at UC San Diego Recreation. I have worked in the past with Tito Gaona’s Flying Fantasy Circus. In addition to staying active and healthy, my participation in circus arts has greatly improved my skills as a teacher. Plus, it is just great fun. You can find some older performance videos on youtube.

IMG_0348This image was shot while doing field work at Gubbio, Italy. The famous K/Pg Boundary is the dark crevice in the rock where thousands of geological tourists have come to scrape some of the famous Iridium Anomaly away. Right hand – dinosaurs, left hand – no dinosaurs!

When I moved from San Diego to Boston, I took a fantastic geology-themed cross-country road trip with Christina Skelton, another Junior Fellow, who has a penchant for photography. See the adventure (and resulting series of handstand pictures from across the US) at our blog